Savannah Association of Realtists, INC.
SAOR , Savannah's Local Chapter of NAREB


NAREB Savannah Ga. Chapter Welcome to SAOR, (Savannah Association of Realtists, INC.)

The Savannah Association of REALTISTS, Inc. is the local affiliate of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (NAREB®).

According to Earl F. Thornton, the owner/broker of E. F. Thornton Real Estate, a group of African American real estate professionals organized a local affiliate of NAREB® in 1956. Mr. Thornton identified the members as John W. Lyons, Earl F. Thornton, Louis B. Toomer, Clarence Perkins and Alfonso Fields. These real estate pioneers named their affiliate the Forest City Real Estate Board. A more comprehensive history of this board will be available in mid 2010.


The Savannah Association of REALTISTS® incorporated as a non-profit Georgia corporation on August 14, 2001. Prior to this date, efforts to reactivate a local NAREB® affiliate had been ongoing since the mid 1980's. Indeed a group of local African American real estate professionals with the support of members of the Atlanta area based Empire Board of REALTISTS® held meetings and activities periodically prior to the 2001 incorporation.


Who Is NAREB ?

The National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (NAREB®) is the oldest minority real estate trade association in America. On July 29, 1947 twelve pioneers, one woman and eleven men hailing from seven states across the country met in Tampa, Florida to form the National Association of Real Estate Brokers-NAREB®. The organization's founding principal is that all citizens have the right to equal housing opportunities regardless of race, creed, or color. NAREB® operates under a constitution and by-laws dedicated to preserving this right for all Americans. Our mission is to serve the un-served and under served, and develop creative and effective methods of doing so.Members of the NAREB® organization are referred to as "REALTISTS®".Although composed principally of African Americans and other minority real estate professionals, NAREB® is an integrated entity open to all qualified practitioners who are committed to achieving the ideals of the REALTIST® theme-"Democracy in Housing".


Meeting under the banner, “Building Black Wealth Through Homeownership,” several hundred conference attendees from seven mid-western states will hear NAREB’s aggressive, multi-pronged strategy to promote homeownership as the key to building wealth for Black Americans.The 2017 NAREB Mid-Winter Regional Conference-Mid West is scheduled to take place at The Westin Hotel Downtown, 777 St. Clair Avenue NE, Cleveland, OH.Click here for more info on the SHIBA


NAREB's national goal is to bring together the nation’s minority professionals in the real estate industry to promote the meaningful exchange of ideas about our business and how best to serve our clientele. We strive to create an environment where creativity flourishes in both the workplace and the marketplace.

To service our target market, we ensure training and educational opportunities are available to our entire membership across the many disciplines we represent, providing certifications and special designations in many areas of interest. Our ability to professionally service our client base is the foundation by which we operate.




NAREB, taking action to build black wealth through homeownership.  “NAREB’s new “2 Million New Black Homeowners in 5 Years” program has been launched to reverse the wealth drain in our communities. Black Americans never experienced the economic recovery after the country’s 2008 meltdown.

NAREBS National Events
NAREB'S National Events